Hi! I’m Christy and Nickel City Floral was born out of my long-time love of gardening and flower arranging. As a girl I was always bringing wildflowers in the house to arrange.  When I was eleven, my mother gave me a rose bush and I loved sharing the beautiful blooms from it.   After spending summers during college working with Massachusetts Avenue Project helping the youth grow vegetables, I became more addicted to gardening.   And after riding my bike around Buffalo for 2 summers, I realized this was the city where I was meant to be!

The more I learn about the flower industry, the more passionate I become about trying to work with what is local, sustainable, and seasonal.   This means that I can only offer flower subscriptions during Buffalo’s short growing season.  However, each year I find ways to extend  the season for as long as possible.   Thanks to my collaboration with 5 Loaves Farm I am able to offer more this year than ever before!